Ramsey Island

I don’t know what it is about rock but I love rock. I have a lot of rock in my garden, most of it hauled from the hedgerows around our property, with a few pieces tossed in from travels. I have Carrara marble in my garden … yes, I brought rocks home in my suitcase. 😉   Some are just centre pieces in various parts of the garden, a lot is in stone walls I built.  It’s probably a combination of the durability of stone, its immense age, the varying shapes, and, often, the colours.   When I visited Ramsey Island off the west coast of Wales I was  mesmerized by the varying rock that made up the cliffs.  I found it incredibly beautiful … I was so captivated I took over 100 pictures … here is a small sample.

Ramsey Island stone cliff

Ramsey Island rock cliff

Ramsey Island stone cliff

Ramsey Island stone cliff

Ramsey Island rock cliffRamsey Island

Jake’s Sunday Post is: Captivating

17 thoughts on “Ramsey Island

  1. Such gorgeous colors and textures! I think rocks represent endurance – and I have been known to bring some home in a suitcase.


  2. I can see why you were captivated….beautiful photos. There is something which enchants me about rocks…they’ve just been around for so long 🙂 I have to confess that like you I sometimes bring them home….they’re in my garden, on my doorstep and scattered through my house 🙂 I have a very patient husband 🙂


    1. My sister also enjoys rocks and has been known to enlist her husband to help her get them to the vehicle … on seeing her still looking and hearing her say she was looking for one for me my brother-in-law (who I love dearly) was heard to say, “You’re sister can get her own damn rocks!”


  3. There’s definitely something amazing about them, lots of stories they could tell too! the bottom one looks like there’s a cave full of mystery 😉


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