Telling a story with less

Wide panoramic shots of Nature’s best can definitely have impact, but since I got my new camera I have been exploring my own back yard in some detail.  What I’ve found is that honing in on those grand scenes produces some very fine captures as well.  For this I was down and dirty in the garden using macro …

moss in garden macro

but honing in on details doesn’t have to mean using macro.  This one is a crop from a larger scene …

but I liked the pattern of the branches filling the frame and the softeness, to me, helps portray the snow storm that was blowing at the time.

winter branches in snow storm

I didn’t use macro for this next one either – just got down and framed the shot of this frosted leaf … in it’s detail it tells the story of the rest of the garden that day.

frost on leaf in fall garden

This last one was a macro shot, taken as the freezing rain coated everything in ice crystals …

ice crystals after freezing rain on wheat stalk

…” challenge yourself to work a little further into the scene…”  The weekly photo challenge is: Lost in the details

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24 thoughts on “Telling a story with less

  1. Thank you for visiting my site and making a “Like” 🙂 .- I say!! This is just a wonderful image. It has so many great details when you keep looking – Thanks for sharing and congratulations with your new camera 😀


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