Connected through Time

astronomical clock Exeter Cathedral England
Photo by my husband

The astronomical clock in the Cathedral Church of St Peter  in Exeter, England dates from 1484.  In 1841 my great great-grandfather Richard Ingram Pentecost  was a student at the Training School in the Precinct of the Close of St-Peter’s Cathedral in Exeter City, England, and so would have gazed upon this same clock.

Wikipedia informs  that the fleur-de-lys ‘hand’ indicates the time (and the position of the sun in the sky); the silver ball and inner dial shows both the age of the moon and its phase; the upper dial, added in 1760, shows the minutes.  There is a door below the clock with a round hole near its base. This was apparently cut in the early 17th century to allow entry for the Bishop’s cat to deter vermin that were attracted to the animal fat used to lubricate the clock mechanism.

The headstone with the cross marks the grave of my 3x great grandparents, Richard and Anne Pentecost.

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Down by the Bay …

I have a great affinity for water – I could sit by it, gaze into its depths, breathe in its scent be it marshland or the salty tang of the sea, dabble my toes in it, swim in it, float on it, and listen to its gurgle and cadence,  whiling away very pleasant hours.

Newgale Beach on St-Bride’s Bay, Pembrokeshire in Wales …

Newgale Beach Pembrokeshire Wales

Whitesands Bay, also Pembrokeshire …
coast of Wales Whitesands PembrokeshireAnd this is a collection of views of Carbis Bay at St-Ives, Cornwall in England …

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Visual Quotations 8

Out of dejection and despair rises the promise of future accomplishments. – paraphrase of quote by Gustave Flaubert If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system. – William James Our future will be shaped by the assumptions we make about who we are and … Continue reading Visual Quotations 8

Ramsey Island

I don’t know what it is about rock but I love rock. I have a lot of rock in my garden, most of it hauled from the hedgerows around our property, with a few pieces tossed in from travels. I have Carrara marble in my garden … yes, I brought rocks home in my suitcase. 😉   Some are just centre pieces in various parts of the garden, a lot is in stone walls I built.  It’s probably a combination of the durability of stone, its immense age, the varying shapes, and, often, the colours.   When I visited Ramsey Island off the west coast of Wales I was  mesmerized by the varying rock that made up the cliffs.  I found it incredibly beautiful … I was so captivated I took over 100 pictures … here is a small sample.

Ramsey Island stone cliff

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Telling a story with less

Wide panoramic shots of Nature’s best can definitely have impact, but since I got my new camera I have been exploring my own back yard in some detail.  What I’ve found is that honing in on those grand scenes produces some very fine captures as well.  For this I was down and dirty in the garden using macro …

moss in garden macro

but honing in on details doesn’t have to mean using macro.  This one is a crop from a larger scene …

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