“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton

Bridge over the Grand CanalWe passed under this bridge just around dawn on the Grand Canal in Venice.   If anyone knows the name of it I’d be most interested.

Bridge over Serchio River at Borgo a Mozzano in TuscanyThis bridge, built in the 13th C, spans the River Serchio in Tuscany at Borgo a Mozzano. It’s real name is the Ponte della Maddelena but it’s also known as the Ponte del Diavolo, one of several in Europe, all with a similar story …

The popular legend tells of a master mason who realized he was not going to be able to complete the bridge on time and in fear of the consequences he turned to the devil himself. Del Diavolo agreed to complete the bridge in one night in exchange for the spirit of the first to cross the bridge.  The next day, the bridge was complete and the mason sent a pig to be the first to cross it.  Thus the Devil was defeated and disappeared into the depths of the river.

Bridge over Rance River at Lehon, Brittany

This medieval bridge over the River Rance is in the village of Lehon, in Brittany, an important place in medieval times with its  12th C Abbey of Saint Magloire.  Also over the Rance is this one in Dinan, a 1/2 hour walk along the river path.  At the foot of this bridge is a great brasserie with host Jean Yves 🙂Bridge over Rance River in Dinan Brittany

The Pont-de-Menat in Auvergne in central France crosses riviere La Sioule …

pont de menat 8x6

Next is the Pont du Gard, the Roman aqueduct near Nimes in southern France.  Several years ago there was heavy flooding in this region of France and it washed out many bridges, but this bridge, built in the 1st C, withstood the deluge.  DSC02027 EDIT2 8x6

Below is one of France’s versions of the Ponte du Diable, built in the 14thC.  It crosses the River Tech at Ceret in southern France.

Pont du Diable over River Tech at Ceret, France

In Devon this little bridge crosses the West Dart at Two Bridges, an isolated spot in the heart of Dartmoor.  The Two Bridges hotel, an 18th C coaching inn ,is nearby.

Bridge over West Dart at Two Bridges in Devon England

The Fingle Bridge built in the 16th or 17th C crosses the Teign at Drewsteignton in Devon, England …”… the ancient bridge, so narrow that only one cart at a time can pass over it, and the wayfarer caught thereby must retire into one of the triangular recesses … A sweet spot, though somewhat sad toward eventide, when the ‘cry’ of the river sound mournful on the darkening atmosphere” – John Lloyd Warden Page,1893,Fingle Bridge over Teign in Devon, England This shot of the Fingle Bridge shows the triangular recesses …

Fingle Bridge And, back to Venice … this is the Ponte San Pietro Martire in Muranobridge over canal VeniceAnd this is a bridge on Sant-Elena …Venice bridge on Sant 'Elena with cloudy skyAilsa’s travel theme is: Bridges

Related image: Bridge over calm waters


27 thoughts on ““We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton

    1. Hello Pepper – I found one reference that says you are correct, and many more that say it was Isaac. I could stand corrected, especially since my ‘research’ consisted of nothing more than googling it.


    1. Oh No! Why didn’t I know this?! I only managed one cream tea on that trip, just ONE. Some pub in Teignmouth tried to pawn whipped cream and when challenged stuttered a muttered reply of having just run out of the cream … Hah – she took me for a tourist. 😉


  1. It seems you might well ask the name of Venice’s ‘fourth’ bridge – that is, the fourth bridge over the Grand Canal. Commissioned in the late 1990s to link the parking and bus terminus Piazzole Roma with the rest of Venice, Ponte della Constituzione (it’s official name) seems to bear the popular name Ponte di Calatrava (Calatrava’s bridge – after its designer). It’s a wondrous looking construction from below, isn’t it – though impractical, it seems, to the point of necessitating costly modifications so as to allow access for wheelchair and elderly/infirm travellers.

    A great post Lynne 🙂


    1. Well, just ask somebody who knows! I had searched Venice’s bridges and kept seeing the Calatrava as the newest bridge but at no angle could I see that it was ‘my’ bridge. Thank you Meredith 🙂 You Venice lover you.


      1. Haha 🙂

        There’s been talk again about a permanent bridge at the Accademia site (the current is the third in a series of temporary bridges there) and you can imagine how the controversy has become even more strident since the Calatrava (I was going to say “fiasco” because its grave accessibility issues have made this extraordinary bridge a lightning rod for everything that’s wrong with ‘modern’ in this city which exists because of its past!) 🙂


  2. Lovely post! One of my favourite bridges is in Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England. The village been used in many films including Dr Doolittle, Dick Turpin, Robin of Sherwood and Stardust to name but a few, as well as the backdrop to one of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.


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