M is for Motivation

I try to do SOMEthing besides sitting at the computer exercising my fingers but sometimes I lack motivation.

snow falling by treesSometimes it’s a peek through the window to see yet more snow falling and I wonder what that will do to the trail …

weather, cold, temperatureSometimes it’s a peek out the patio door … today it was mild but when it points to -20 and lower, then I hunker down and think … I’d rather not.

But do you want to know what motivation looks like?

dog noseHe’s got quite the stare and he doesn’t give up easily.ย  He’ll wait a long time for me to get my buns outside …

snowy dog

And if I take too long he gets down-right grumpy.snowy grumpy dogdog, nose

So when he does this and gives me the eye …

I do this … DSCN0178 snowshoes

And he’s right – It’s usually quite rewarding …

DSCN0504 8x6

Cooper wins again.

dog play

13 thoughts on “M is for Motivation

    1. I’ll give him a pat for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ He ended up with 3 runs in the woods today and trip into town in the car. He is sleeping like a baby upstairs. For now, I’ll let sleeping dogs lie.


  1. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous dog….so handsome. It’s the same for me if I’m having a lazy feeling day, the dogs make sure I don’t lounge around on the sofa too long, and once I’m outside I’m always glad I moved ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Cooper’s had tough shoes to fill when we got him just months after losing our extraordinary Jaxxon, a yellow lab. And, I’m pleased to say, he’s come along very nicely and his shining in his own light now.


    1. Yes, centrigrade temps. Cooper is a 2-year-old, healthy, strong, lab mix and he has a tough row to hoe with us two old(er) people who need constant encouragement. He finds us quite needy.


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