The Sign Post

My husband started it first and then, like door pictures, it has become a ‘thing’.  He collects, I collect, they collect … dust.  Well, they don’t really of course, but they languish within folders in my computer and it’s time they were given an airing.  I’m not going to cubbyhole them into this or that ‘type’ – just going to trot them out.

Some signs are important and you definitely don’t want to miss them …

sign Mont St Michel, France
“Caution. Today this area will be covered by the sea. Please remove your vehicle before the above closing time.”  Good to know.

Some signs are nostalgic …

sign entertainment, Beatles

Seen in Exeter, England … in 2008 … how long has this been there?

There are seasonal signs … look closelysign, road sign

This is just over on the King’s Road, a kilometre from home.

Some signs are not very welcoming …

sign Jamaica Inn pub
The Smugglers Bar is in the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, England, made famous by Daphne du Maurier in her novel, Jamaica Inn.

Some signs have real character …sign, street sign, Dinan, France

Street sign in one of my favourite villages, Dinan in Brittany, France.

Some signs just can’t wait to roll off your tongue …sign, Venice, street sign

Taken in Venice, of course.

And some signs are just funny …

sign, Wales

Found at the Solva Woollen Mill in Solva, Wales.

“Th-th-th-that’s all folks! – for now.
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31 thoughts on “The Sign Post

                  1. I think we’re going to run out of room in our nest here – I even checked – 10 seems to be max. So you know what that means Robin? It means I get the last word. Now I’m going to go round a visit one of my favourite blogs – Coyle’s the name … I’m back. Why have I never noticed your clever “ink of me” before? You’re such a wordsmith. Is that new? Oh no, you’ve no space to answer ….. !


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