Whither thou goest

I took this shot of a dear friend of mine at a bit of a photo shoot after her wedding.  If you knew this lady I think you’d agree that this shot captures her personality as well as her image.  She is a damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead lady, fully engaged with life and her husband learns quickly … whither thou goest …

bride in field

he will follow …

Bride and groom on beach

… everyone follows.

bride and groom on beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

21 thoughts on “Whither thou goest

  1. Great shots Lynne, I love them, so full of energy! But I’m curious, just where the heck was your friend running off to??


  2. I love this.. makes me think of that film when Julia Roberts keeps running away on her wedding day… not that that is what’s happening now, but it made me think of it…


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