Street Lamp

N0286 street lamp by lynneayers
Trying to do this from a different computer while away from home – something of an exercise in frustration.  I took this yesterday and then noticed that the weekly photo challenge is:  illumination.
A pretty simple scene but it caught my eye through the window – the first ones I took were bad, with reflection and washed out colour.  Then I changed the setting to night landscape and got this nice clean shot through the window. I never used the settings much on my Sony because they weren’t as easy to access so I didn’t realize it would make such a difference.   I love my new Nikon 🙂    I couldn’t load a bigger shot here but click on the photo to see it larger in Flickr.

27 thoughts on “Street Lamp

    1. It does look rather deserted but it is a lamp right outside my friend’s home on a small town street. There is a gap in houses across the street providing a view to Lake Superior and simple darkness for my photo.


    1. In my “Nikon coolpix” post I said I was going to try to keep looking at things with a fresh eye – as I passed the window I just had to get my camera although the scene seemed so mundane.


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