Framing the shot

When something catches my photographic eye I often like to go right in and fill the frame with whatever it is that has sparked my interest.   I find that what might be an otherwise ho-hum photo is often more interesting and has more impact when massed to the edges of the frame.

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Multiples

41 thoughts on “Framing the shot

    1. “Composition” seemed intangible to me, so subjective – how was it possible to get it right. It IS subjective of course but I find it’s mostly about balance and cohesion.


    1. When I first started painting composition was one of the things that I found most intimidating and difficult to grasp, as to what made a good composition and what made a less than good composition. Now it’s becoming second nature.


  1. So true, and I for one don’t do that enough. But also, what a terrific composition you’ve made with all of these together! Filled up that frame! (I can just feel and hear those beach stones in Wales)


    1. One sound I love is made by the rolling of beach stones as the waves roll in over them and then slips back out, gently rocking them back and forth and clicking them together … Thanks, Lynn


  2. Great shots, and excellent technique. Agree that filling the frame does give interest to a subject, especially if there is a lot of texture or shapes inherent in the frame. Sometimes it makes the familiar seem unusual and fresh – which is something every photographer wants to do. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment, Peggy – sometimes I crop to arrive at the full frame shot and as I move around the photo seeking the best crop I look at the shapes, the overall balance of the composition, hoping for something abstract to jump out at me … no wonder I’m at the computer so many hours …. I appreciate your stopping by.


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