My Nikon Coolpix

I announced earlier that I got a new camera for Christmas.   The main thing I wanted was to upgrade from 4.1 mega pixels – now I have 16 mega pixels…. so I’ve been playing.

Ice crystals on a stalk of wheat

This is

a stalk of wheat in our field on the day we had freezing rain.  So with 16 mega pixels in hand I plan to keep my eyes open and see with a fresh eye.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Resolved

33 thoughts on “My Nikon Coolpix

  1. Wonderful pics, Lynne. I have the same camera, if yours is the CoolpixP510. I haven’t tried doing the fancy stuff with it yet. I need to sit down and read the thick manual that hubby bought me. 🙂


    1. Mine is the 610 – I love that the various settings are so accessible so getting various effects is going to be fun rather than frustrating I think. I’m usually a manual reader – front to back start to finish but this time I don’t think I got past installing the batteries before I was out and about with it and I haven’t returned to the manual. I should … 😉


        1. Well, I have experienced a few but it’s milder here than where I used to live in northwestern Ontario. These last days I’ve been waking to -10 to -15C, (14 to 5F) one morning -20 (-4F) which isn’t all that cold.
          The day I headed out at -20 was nicer than the day that was 0C (32F) because it was sunny and not damp, no wind. It is beautiful back in my snow-laden woods 🙂


          1. Oh my goodness! -20 I cannot even visualise that. We start to shiver when it drops below 10 (not minus) and pack up and head north. I guess we are wimps!!!!


            1. I don’t know if I could train my brain to associate heading ‘north’ with warmth – how strange 😉 The coldest I have stepped out in, just to say I had stepped out in it, was -56F (-49c) but in Thunder Bay where I used to live it seemed routine to get at least a week in January of -35 to -40C (-31 to -40F).


    1. I like to play with the framing Elisa – with the extra pixels I have so many choices for the zoom and crop – I just know I’m going to lose hours … ‘n’ hours … 😉


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