Venice alley walking

“Is that it?”
“No. That’s a wall.”
“It could be disguised.”
“You’re not very good at looking for things, are you?”
“I’m good at looking for walls. Look, I found another one.”
― Derek Landy, Kingdom of the Wicked

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The new babsitters

Photo by imagerymajestic
Photo by imagerymajestic

Nothing displays more focussed attention than a child playing a video game – absorbed in the sounds and intent only on achieving the target.

My daughter related an incident during a recent visit.  At Christmas she gave her young niece a board game.  It was called Rush Hour – a number of small cars are placed on the board in various, progressively difficult,  formations as if in a parking lot.  The aim is to get one certain car out of the parking lot without removing any other cars, the only movement allowed being forward or backward.  The child didn’t know what to do with it … until her Uncle showed it to her in electronic form on his phone, which she took and with thumbs flying, proceeded to work it out.

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Whither thou goest

I took this shot of a dear friend of mine at a bit of a photo shoot after her wedding.  If you knew this lady I think you’d agree that this shot captures her personality as well as her image.  She is a damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead lady, fully engaged with life and her husband learns quickly … whither thou goest …

bride in field

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It’s all there in Black and White

When reviewing my photos I’ve taken to converting them to black and white, often with pleasing results.  Even with landscapes where one is often captivated by the colours spread before our lens, conversion to black and white simplifies the composition  and sometimes reveals dynamics within the shot that went unnoticed in the riot of colour.  Instead of being bedazzled by the colours, the eye sees the values within the shot.  It’s the habit of many painters to view their paintings in black and white to determine balance within the painting, by judging the values. With abrupt or frequent value changes a b/w Continue reading “It’s all there in Black and White”

Driving the back roads

We enjoy renting a car when travelling – it offers such freedom to come and go as we please, to take the roads less travelled, to follow the scent of the sea or the lights to the next village.  My brother-in-law drove during our stay in Devon and Cornwall in England, and I took to the wheel in Wales.  The narrow and winding roads and … Continue reading Driving the back roads

Thanks, JJ!

What a wonderful start to the new year. Blogging has rekindled an interest and enjoyment in photography, something I never properly pursued years ago.  With today’s digital cameras it is just plain fun to snap and see results instantly and then crop, boost, de-colourize, swirl, blur and distort.  I now follow a few photo blogs – one of my newer additions is Junsjazz who posts … Continue reading Thanks, JJ!