Beauty and the Beast

Brutal, messy, frigid, long – all descriptions befitting (some) winter days.  But when I wake and look out the window to see the first snowfall, pure and unblemished,  when all sounds are muffled by the blanket of snow and nature twinkles in the sun – I don’t think anything else brings me closer to a feeling of peace.

winter hedgerow first snow

Winter snow in the hedgerow

And if the atmosphere is particularly heavy with water vapor when the temperature drops we get hoarfrost, when the ice crystals are large …

frost on plants in nature

And stunningly beautiful.

hoar frost forms lace work in nature
Jake’s Sunday Post is:  Peaceful

22 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Lovely peaceful photos. I share your feelings, the first significant snowfall is breathtaking, but it doesn’t take long before I’m ready for it to go away now and green to reappear.


    1. Yes, it’s true, it can become tiresome – but being retired we at least don’t have to battle the elements to head to work every day – we can choose to cocoon instead. And today, here, it is 20C – about 70F when it should be below freezing.


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