What has WordPress done now?

Anybody else notice in their comments sect
ion that words are breaking at incorrect and sometimes inopportune spots?  No hyphens inserted –  just  words broken abruptly ?  This could be very embarr
assing –  what if I share our favourite mushroom soup recipe
and with no regard for decency or deco
rum it takes the primary ingredient of shit
ake mushrooms and splits it?   See what I me
an?  Tell me – is this just my problem?   It only seems to be happening in replies to comments left, not the actual comment.  Please check y
ours to see if this is universal. Do we need to storm Wor
dpress to get them to fix it?


15 thoughts on “What has WordPress done now?

  1. I haven’t noticed anything, but I will keep watching. I did notice the new media upload format – I prefer it over the old one, but it did make me look twice today.


  2. I haven’t noticed anything in comments, yet, although they did change the media upload window again, and the other day all my blogrolls were somehow combined into one labeled “Bookmarks” (they’re back to normal now), so who knows.

    I wish WordPress would just stop with the constant tweaking — or at least let the membership know when changes are coming, so we won’t scratch our heads wondering if there’s something wrong on our end.


    1. Yes, I’m still left wondering if I need to change a setting or something – why is no one else noticing this quirk in their comment replies – ? (grrrrpullingmyhairoutfrustration)


    1. You’ve noticed it in the actual blog post? That’s even worse and would be HUGEly annoying – but it’s just started doing it, right? How many do you figure we have to have before we can storm wor


      1. Yes, It seems to have just started. I hope / imagine it’s a fluke. Still, the thought of an approaching horde of disgruntled bloggers with torches and pitchforks might give some incentive to correct any problems.


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