WIN #13 Reflections on Friendship

win badgeFor more about Write It Now – WIN – click here.  For previous WIN posts, click here.

This week the prompts are:

1. Tell  about your best friend.  Why was this person so special? What brought you close?

2. What is the most important aspect of friendship?

3.  Did you ever travel with a friend. Where?

4. Were you ever betrayed by a friend? How?

5. In your family, who would you consider to be your best friend? Why?

6. Have you ever attended a school reunion?  How was it, returning to see former classmates?  How did it feel to see someone after many years?

Here are two earlier posts about this topic:
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Here is my story – Are Friends still friends after you’ve travelled together?

5 thoughts on “WIN #13 Reflections on Friendship

    1. Happy to hear from you Julie. There are no deadlines on these prompts so feel free to browse back through the previous ones – just click Write it Now in my tag cloud. Oh, and I love your A to Z and am now thinking about what I would like to focus it on 🙂


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