WIN #13 Reflections on Friendship

For more about Write It Now – WIN – click here.  For previous WIN posts, click here. This week the prompts are: 1. Tell  about your best friend.  Why was this person so special? What brought you close? 2. What is the most important aspect of friendship? 3.  Did you ever travel with a friend. Where? 4. Were you ever betrayed by a friend? How? … Continue reading WIN #13 Reflections on Friendship

Are Friends still friends after you’ve travelled together?

It started with a phone call from my sister 10 years ago asking if we could help her get to Rome … Rome? My husband’s career was with an airline and sometimes we can help family members get a better rate … Rome?  Why ya goin’ to Rome?  A Mediterranean cruise, wanna come?  Well!

Suddenly I reeealllly wanted to go to the Mediterranean.  I had passed through 30 years earlier and had such great memories of it.  Of course, the result is , we DID join them and that was the beginning of our travelling foursome.

We have made 5 trips together and have travelled in Continue reading “Are Friends still friends after you’ve travelled together?”