Central Colour Control

In Burano, the colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development.  If someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot.

Burano is a cluster of four islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, about 7 kms from Venice – about 40 minutes by vaporetta.  It’s known for its colourful and brightly painted houses and for the impressively-leaning bell tower of the 16th church San Martino.

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After gloomy spooky Hallowe’en, Ailsa has designated this week’s travel theme as: Bright

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31 thoughts on “Central Colour Control

    1. It was a photographer’s delight – similarly brightly coloured homes can be found in St-John’s, Newfoundland – closer to home and yet I’ve not been there … yet. It’s on my list too.


        1. No kidding. Right now, into the bleak month of November … the most blah month of the year, dark and dreary, no snow yet so when night falls it is very black. A stroll canal side would be nice about now 🙂


  1. And you’re right Lynne – Burano is Bright! And i didn’t know about the council-regulated colour schemes – luckily renaissance-era town planners had the whole vibrant palette of their great painters to choose from 🙂


  2. Perfectly bright choices you made! Reminds of modern US Homeowner’s Associations, a government in their own form enforcing the community’s restrictions and regulations.


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of ‘no clotheslines’ rules for instance, which, I’m sorry, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense today. Personally, I love to look at my clothes on the line in the sun and breeze. I get satisfaction in that. (like your new gravatar photo 😉 )


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