Don’t forget to look down

Above: Geometric designs in the floor tiles in St-David’s Cathedral in St-David’s, Wales.  Click for a larger view

The weekly photo challenge is : Geometry

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22 thoughts on “Don’t forget to look down

    1. Absolutely, Katy – it’s called ‘rubber-necking” 😉 – then we have to be sure we don’t fall down while we’re looking everywhere except where we’re going.


    1. Sorry, Mike – it is in Pembrokeshire in west Wales. Because St-David’s is a cathedral, not just a mere church, it means that the village of St-David’s is a ‘city’ – the Queen bestowed city status on the village of 1800 souls in 1995.


    1. Nor did they have the tools and hydraulics … The book by Ken Follett, Pillars of the Earth, is about the building of these beautiful churches and cathedrals and a master builder might spend his whole life constructing one cathedral. It’s perseverance, determination, a measure of faith … and a way to make a living.


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