This is my 200th post.  It seems only fitting that it should be about You.

If it weren’t for You I would have packed up my keyboard and faded to black long ago.  On January 16th I composed a short post and as my finger hovered over the publish button I wondered if I really wanted to do this, and what, in fact was I ever going to post about.

Blogging has renewed by interest in writing and in trying to write well.  It has sparked an interest in urban and street and black and white photography – I have avoided cities over the years and now I find I want to go just to see if I can get that perfect BW shot caught in a fleeting moment that won’t come again.

Through blogging I have learned many interesting facts about things and places I have not thought about or seen before.  It’s been a huge wide window on the diversity of our world – from the vast variety of cultures across the continents, down to the microcosm of our neighbourhoods.  Like my real-time travels, my virtual travels through blogging have reinforced lessons in tolerance – not a right way, or a wrong way, not my way or your way – just a different way.  It’s the diversity that makes it all so interesting.

Many thanks and my appreciation to You, who have extended recognition of my blogging efforts, through ‘likes’, and comments – such positive feedback always feels good followed by amazement that there are fellow bloggers out there who are enjoying what I post – I enjoy being a part of such a supportive virtual community and I’ve come to feel close affinity with many of my virtual friends.  Thank … You

Images from Free Digital Images

23 thoughts on “You

  1. It certainly is an amazing community, this blogosphere, and you are such a very nice part of it! I lost the count of my posts because I started with Blogspot, moved to my own site with WordPress software and then to WordPress. I now have no idea how many posts I’ve done. But I know that every time I think of quitting, the words protest and I continue.


    1. Oddly, I used to be somewhat sloth-like – very sedentary – now that I am (addicted to) blogging I’m actually more active – out most days for a walk with doglet, yoga 2-3 times a week and another exercise class twice a week. Hah – who would have thought blogging would be good for my health.


  2. Having also recently completed my 200th, it just seems amazing how one builds a friendship with so many all over the world… I started for fun and family, now it’s a habit I can’t stop… congratulations and I hope yours like mine went past so fast I was not even keeping count… the interaction is magnificent, and the learning curve from others I find unbelievable… I have in a short time learnt so much from so many its wonderful… I do enjoy your blog and keep them coming… thank you, more than you need to thank us..


    1. The internet and blogging must be a godsend to those of us who are unable to be out and about for whatever reason – the world is right there with a whole neighbourhood of friends. Thank you for your kind words.


  3. Congratulations my dear friend; I’ve certainly enjoyed your stories (especially the ones that include me!) and your gorgeous pictures. Keep up the good work; I’ll be there waiting for the next installment.


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