On Display in Venice

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is: Display.

I’m not too fussed on this new mosaic display – I uploaded 7 and only 4 would display; I deleted 3 so then I had 4 and only 2 would display.  Now there is 6 and only 3 will display … what is this?  Anybody else having problems?  Anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong? … OK, now it’s posted I see I have 4 – ?!  And where is the nice rectangular display – ?


14 thoughts on “On Display in Venice

  1. I see six, and I love them all! I’m reading blogs using Flipboard (an iPad app) – when on my desktop or Netbook I use Chrome now. I like the simplicity of it, the lack of clutter across the top. Before that I used Firefox for a few years. IE annoys me.


  2. I see six, too, but I tried it & couldn’t get anything to come up- I figured I’d go back to it another day. Anyway, I would want to decide myself which photo goes where & it seemed I couldn’t do that. But I’m sure they’ll get the kinks out one of these days.


    1. Quirky things like this IRRITATE me and I lose so much time trying to figure them out, but for now, I throw my hands up … thanks for letting me know what you see on the post.


  3. I can see 6. I think it depends on the browser you’re using. Some of these pages from wordpress are so sophisticated that not all browsers are able to show everything the way it was intended.


    1. Ah, at least there may be an explanation of sorts and it’s not just my ineptness or aura. I finally switched from IE to Firefox a few months back believing these sorts of problems would no longer plague me but it seems not … I appreciate your stopping by.


  4. Love the collection of photos. I haven’t tried the mosaic thing yet…wordpress gives me fits about little things I’m not sure I have the patience for the mosaic.


    1. Agreed. I always seem to have trouble getting the ‘new and improved’ to work. How many photos do you see on this post? I sometimes see 3, sometimes 4 but never the 6 I loaded.


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