Solitary Vantage Point

A Barbary Macaque sits high over the harbour of Gibraltar.  Normally found in the mountains of Algeria and Morocco, there is a small pack living in Gibraltar – these are the only free-living monkeys in Europe and it not known how they came to be living there.  The male Macaques live for about 15 to 17 years and females live 18 to 22 years. Every birth and death is recorded by Sites Management and each is given an official name at birth.

Because of the distance between the macaque and the background, this looks somewhat like a cut and paste job, but it is not.

This week’s photo challenge is: solitary

11 thoughts on “Solitary Vantage Point

    1. The pathway was up high, on top of the Rock over the harbour with just that tree between us and perdition. The tree was about my height so the macaque and I were at about the same height.


  1. I´ve seen these Barbary Macaques – and I can confirm that this is not a cut and paste – this is exactly how they are to be photographed at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar!

    Great entry for this week´s theme, Lynne 🙂


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