All dressed up …

Autumn is my season.  Autumn is when I feel rejuvenated and energized, ready to take on something new.  I love the scent of the damp woods and the rustle and crackle of the leaves drying in the sun. The quality of light slanting at a different angle creates long shadows and I embrace the light touch of warmth on the skin after summer’s blistering heat.  The buzz of chain saws cutting the winter’s wood, the smell of chimney smoke and the joys of a bon fire … Ahhhhh, glorious Fall.

This is a shot of the larger scene, taken in Rolle, Switzerland on the northwestern shore of Lake Geneva.
For other interpretations see the Sunday Post over at Jake’s.

16 thoughts on “All dressed up …

    1. I know many feel that tinge of sadness to Fall, yet I don’t – perhaps I simply find the clearer, brisker fall weather an invigorating change from the oppressive heat of summer. And I block out the thought of the bitterest of the winter days ahead. 🙂


  1. I was resisting (like that will work) the end of summer. But now that there is a tang of Fall in the air, I am loving it. Cozy sweaters, a pot of soup on the stove, and a curl-up on the sofa with a good book.


  2. I too love autumn the best of all. It is the time to enjoy the colors, the crispness of the air, a time to wind down and prepare for the far too long winter. A time to store the nuts to sustain us through the winter.


  3. I too love Autumn. Maybe being born in October has something to do with it. I know what you mean about taking on something new.. that first day of school, a new term, college, university, it all happens in September.


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