There’s a(nother) new blog out there

I have been thinking about it and so I did it. 

I’ve been gratified by the positive comments I have received from many of you about photos I have included with my posts.  SO – my finger hovered over that ‘publish’ button in momentary uncertainty and then came down and set my Beyond the Brush Photography out into the cyberstratasphere.

I was going to try to populate it a bit more before sharing its existence … nobody’s gong to find it, right?  It’s just a little ol’ blog, another tiny piece of jetsam added to the flotsam that’s floating around like a giant tag cloud around us.

Well, it is not a myth… they WILL find you.  Not in droves mind you, but I do already have four followers (yay!).

Since I have started another of my word and picture travelogues, this time on South America, I began to populate my new blog with shots from that trip.  So, for those interested, there will be never-before-published photos along with some of my favourites to enhance my written words.   There are only a few photos up as of yet, but I will continue to populate it.

I hope you will stop by, take a peek, and leave your mark. 😉

Clipart from Free Digital

I like receiving feedback ...

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