WIN #10 – Special Moments in my Childhood

For more about Write It Now – WIN – click here.  For previous WIN posts, click here. This week the prompts are: 1.What special gift(s) did you receive? What gift(s) did you give and to whom? 2. Tell about family traditions – what did you do on weekends, on religious holidays, Hallowe’en, at mealtime or birthdays?  Have you continued these traditions? 3.  What birthday do … Continue reading WIN #10 – Special Moments in my Childhood

My first gift

win badgeI carefully counted pennies from my piggy bank and proudly left with my father to go shopping.  We went to a small gift shop in Valois where I searched the aisles for what must have been at least an hour, up and down and back again – my young eyes lighting on every single item, my little hands reaching out to touch and handle everything that appealed to my eye, only to be carefully placed back on the shelf.  Dad was extremely patient and he stood by, uncomplaining about the length of my mission. Continue reading “My first gift”