Tales from South America

Off again.  This time to South America.

South America is not a place I ever thought I would visit, although I’m not sure why that was so. My images of the continent were derived from Romancing the Stone, and Indiana Jones movies and films from the 1940s of slow, lazy ceiling fans wafting the air in oppressive heat, and men in Panama hats; of people who escaped to the southern continent and purposely lost themselves in its out of the mainstream cities.  But the opportunity arose …

too good a deal to pass over.  And so we ventured forth, eager to see falls, volcanoes and glaciers, to visit places like Chacabuco and Ushuaia, to climb into the Andes, glide along the Beagle Channel and sail around Cape Horn …this and more awaited.

After an eleven hour flight we arrived in Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Our first up close encounter was with our taxi driver: “Why did you choose Hotel La Perla?”  “Because it was a reasonable price.” (Why else?)  He then advised us that the hotel was OK, but it was close to the train station and on the edge of the riskier districts; we might meet the occasional lady of the night should we be taking an evening stroll.  This wasn’t the first time we had received this speech – we need to remember to avoid the areas around train stations. His cautionary advice was much appreciated. As was the advice of a waiter who told me to watch my camera – “they’re popular in this area”.

After dumping our baggage and a short respite, we met in the lobby and, sucking our second wind, set out on foot.To be continued …


13 thoughts on “Tales from South America

  1. Oh, so much fun! South America has not been on my list, but you know what? I’m just ready to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. How wonderful that I get to stow along in your baggage!


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