After the rain

We were in one the most storied and glorified cities in the world and I was suffering from languor induced by very hot weather and crushing crowds.  One early evening after rain had cleared the air and the tourists had taken cover, I stepped out from our apartment to see the lights just coming on, reflecting in the wet paving stones; the air had freshened, the heat had dissipated and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll canal-side in the fabled city of Venice.

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Rick has suggested I crop this photo a bit …

It does help to focus on the reflection, which is the stated subject of the photo … I also like the first one in that it gives me the feel of emerging from the alley and starting on my stroll, but that is, obviously, very subjective and a memory.   Which one do you the viewer like best – top?  or bottom?

19 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. I love the light you ‘ve captured! Both are brilliant, I see both points of view.Framing it between my hands I’ve found another alternative – in the first one crop out the lady on the right and from the man next to the buildings on the left 😉


  2. I love gloomy, rainy weather, so this photo is great to me! Might I ask what equipment you used to take the picture? Thanks!


    1. It was much quieter in terms of bustle – me ‘n’ bustle don’t hustle so well together. I don’t like being part of a crowd. The time right after a rain can be so sweet – stepping out with doglet in the night air after a summer rain, the scent is glorious.


    1. It is indeed an experience to enjoy but unless you enjoy pressing crowds and oppressive heat I would suggest you go in the off season, perhaps October through April. 🙂


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