A Spirit Free to Soar

Free of fear and despair, not yet bound by society’s rules, nor yet worldly enough to be anxious about her tomorrows, no dreams yet crushed, not yet burdened with
bias or prejudice or hate, a spirit not yet squeezed by defeat, a spirit free of pain and sadness, free to embrace her future, free to be all that she is.

A fresh, new personΒ  … a spirit free to soar.

This photo of my two-year old granddaughter fills my heart with all the smiles and hopes I see in her eyes.Β  May she always retain some of the fresh free spirit that sparkles within her.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Free Spirit.Β  Photo credit goes to her mother, my daughter.

Below is a painting I titled Spirits of the Wood – it was the first painting I sold.

37 thoughts on “A Spirit Free to Soar

    1. Lucky I am with all my children and grandchilder – of the grandchildren she is the only girl, and what a girlie girl she is. and thank you, Tahira, for the kind comment on my painting.


  1. I love what Ross said about children being open books – may they learn to always soar! And I love your painting, the peace and openness it depicts.


  2. What a talented artist you are… I would have bought that painting and hung it in my house… how beautiful…
    Oh to be a child again.. to leave the worries and cares to ones parents… life was so much more wonderful then, less complicated, and one big game… oh to have it back again…


  3. Children, especially the very young, are books just starting to open. With guidance, love and support we help write them write the words and give them strength to follow their dreams unhindered by prejudice or hate they may meet as they grow. We can watch them soar.
    Like your watercolour, your words are beautiful. I can see why this painting sold. It has a gentle beauty.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Ross. I bumped into the owners of the painting last week and apparently it is still hanging so they must still be enjoying it so that’s good. πŸ™‚


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