Dangnasterdly Thingee

Use all the words, Kellie said.  Free Write Friday

The terminals on the DIODE on my 8-TRACK are gummed up – something to do with the spool causing the tape to HITCH itself onto the gubbins inside and then spew forth in a tangled mess.  I could try to fix it with my SPOON … Electronics and I don’t get along.  Electronics and diodes do not conjure SALACIOUS thoughts for me, though I know for some they can cause excitement and a tendency to drool.  For me electronics and diodes cause my blood to COAGULATE, a tendency to FROTH at the mouth and RANT, spewing forth COARSE language in a long diatribe. I am HOMEWARD bound amid the hustle and BUSTLE of another rush hour – the windows are open and I should just FLING the RANCID thing to the pavement.  I am sure it would improve my ELOCUTION.

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7 thoughts on “Dangnasterdly Thingee

  1. 🙂 YES!!!! Perfect!!!! I am just so happy with everyone’s entries this prompt!!! Thought for sure I would stump ya! lol! Nope… you guys are just so very talented! Awesome! Thank you! xox


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