In tranquil repose I pause to look, that I may see

I look before me and see
excitement and the unknown
and feel the anticipation.

I look behind me and see
loneliness and hope
and recall the despair

I look outward and see
the joy and emotion
and live the elation.

I look inward and see
the faith and strength
and experience the security.

I look upward and see
the sun
and touch the warmth.

I look downwards and see
the roots
and imagine the birth.

I look into your face and see
the experiences of life
and treasure the friendship.

I look at my lover
and see

I see you look at me
and recognize the respect.

I look around me
and see

Word count: 126

This is in response to Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus writing challenge – all the letters, no more than 126 words, any style.


19 thoughts on “Look

    1. Thank you, Anita – so appreciated. It is interesting to read the various takes on the writing challenges, shining a bit of light on our different personalities and diverse backgrounds.


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