Primary Colours

This week’s Friday photo challenge is Merge.  Usually I post right away but this one gave me some trouble. I enjoy the challenge  of digging through my archives looking for a suitable interpretation of the single word offered each week. But this week, nothing was eMERGEing.  I’ve gotten pretty familiar, intimate even, with my photos since I started blogging, always searching for the right shot.  And this week …nope, nada, nil, nothing, rien,  zero, zilch.  Then, finally, a modicum of inspiration … I paint, I use colour …

I squirt …

… and I add a little water …

This is a painting I did with just these three colours … not today though.


However, I did use the paint on the palette to touch up some paintings I am getting ready for a show this weekend, so it wasn’t wasted.  🙂

Another interpretation I particularly liked was by rfljenksy.


18 thoughts on “Primary Colours

  1. Three colors for this amazing beautiful painting! Don’t feel like to take photos of the sea any more… Thank you for sharing it with us!


    1. I was amazed too actually – at the three colours – I learned that from Nita Engels, from a book of hers on painting – I fell in love with her work which is truly stunning. Thanks, Amy.


  2. I love how the color mixed and created new color out of them in the 2nd shot..
    Color selection and how much you put there were by your intention,
    however how it crates its texture and variety of colors were by chance.
    I am so excited about this kinds of creation.
    And very last shot, your painting, is amazing.
    Especially about some touch up.
    These hidden colors do add so much quality and depth in there.


  3. Well, I do love watercolours, too. Influenced by the Bauhaus-movement I like to paint with pimary colours – the real unbroken power of colour.
    Thanks for sharing
    Klausbernd from sunny coast of North-Norfolk 🙂


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