A Cat’s Age

This picture is Julia’s challenge this week, no word limit, although I’m thinking she thought there might be less and not more.  It’s a birthday card for her son … I think she’s expecting some humourous inside messages … sorry.  I put fingers to keyboard and this is what emerged – 137 words.   And. just so we’re clear?  I wouldn’t put this in a birthday card, to my son, or anyone else – somehow this transformed into a comment on aging.

Sweetie, when you reach my age, you become invisible.  People stop looking.  The young ones, they don’t see me at all.  They brush past me in a crowd without so much as an ‘excuse me’; like they were first in line and I haven’t been here for a cat’s age.

Once I was a blond with long silky hair that danced when I walked, and people turned to watch me go by. Once I could see through unclouded eyes all the wonders in the world, in sharp focus and fine detail.  I walked erect, with pride and confidence, like I had more future than past. Now I resort to this, just so people don’t trip over me, so that they are aware of my presence, even if they don’t see me.

19 thoughts on “A Cat’s Age

  1. A good lesson for us all… It’s better to be noticed than ignored even if it means standing out for fashion choices. This cat knows smiles will follow when people look on. 🙂


    1. I spent a lot of time trying not to be noticed when I was younger, which was difficult because I am 6′ tall and have been since I was 12 – so to some degree, blending into the bg is fine with me, but not to the point of being ignored or totally passed over.


  2. A well written take on the prompt. It can seem as we get older we can fade in to the background as others pass us by. The cat has a good idea, it’s better to be noticed for gaudy fashion rather than not be noticed at all.


  3. Although it is completely not what I thought ( no one else got it so don’t worry!) this is a great piece of writing that covers so much of the ageing process. Beautiful writing. Many thanks for sharing.


    1. No, I rather thought it wasn’t what you had in mind. Thank you for your kind comment on my writing. You never can tell what your prompt will inspire! Must be part of the fun.


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