Five Colours

Green …

We had experienced several days of rain but the upside was this last meander along the River Rance between Dinan and Léhon in Brittany with the intoxicating scent of the lush, damp woodlands sweetening the air.

Yellow …

I discovered this inviting and elegant setting for two in a corner on our cruise ship – the perfect spot for an intimate conversation, a quiet drink, or an hour with a good book during a quiet day at sea.

                                       Red …

A most obliging fellow, this Grey Crowned Crane and I went for a walk together in our Mexican resort at Playa del Carmen.  He strutted along beside me – what he lacked in artful conversation he made up for with his striking appearance.

                                       White …

Gliding through Glacier Alley in the Beagle Channel – it was cloudy, damp, chilling and raining.  Despite the sounds of the life of the ship and the crowds gathered at the ship’s rail to watch the spectacle, there was still a backdrop of profound silence – as if the space was unpolluted by the sound waves that ricochet around the rest of the world.  I felt Mother Nature’s overpowering presence – the low-lying clouds silently drifting over the tops of the mountains; waterfalls spilling out their glacier waters; the rain, the wind and the temperature making beautiful patterns on the Channel waters.  This is Holanda Glacier; one of five glaciers in the channel at the southern tip of South America.

                       and Blue …
We were exploring the streets of Dinan in Brittany, in search of the places that our Great Grandmother may have walked during her years in this fascinating village, 1900 to 1908.  It took a moment of drinking in this beautiful floral display before I noticed the kitten peeking at me through the foliage.  Dinan is said to be one of the finest examples of a mediaeval town, with its old timbered buildings and steep cobbled streets, it is an absolute delight. invites submissions to Capture the Colour. You don’t need to be nominated to enter but I challenge these bloggers whose sites I admire and enjoy to take up the gauntlet and treat us to their interpretations of the five colours.   Have to act fast – the deadline is 29 August, 2012..

Arnel at All things Boys
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Stephen Hipperson
Louise and her wonderful contemplative photography at The Sacred Cave
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25 thoughts on “Five Colours

  1. Wonderful images, such intense beauty there in the woods, I could just smell the dank peat and loam, so invigorating!! That last photo especially made me smile, with the wee feline in a sea of blue. Wonderful colours, excellent shots indeed!


      1. I know what you mean – as I said, at the end of the process the pix I chose were almost all not among my first selections. You’re lucky to have someone to engage with in making the decision – every time my maid came across me talking to myself, debating the merits of this one, the lack of focus there … she would raise her eyebrows and grinned at me 🙂


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