Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This week’s Photo Challenge is Growth.

This Ombu tree resides in Plaza St. Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s growth is massive but there is no indication of long it took to grow to this size or how old it is.  It may, in fact, not be that old as from what I have been able to determine they are relatively fast growing.  This big fella is even written up in the guide books and we specifically included a visit to the Plaza during one of our daily out-and-abouts so that we could see it. The ombu has an interesting growth habit as seen here ..

and this provides some scale …

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. A perfect example of growth! I see in the tree what I think might be eyes and a mouth or two and I suspect in the core of it is a huge storage of stories to be shared, if we could understand the language of the tree.


  2. What a brilliant choice of photo Lynne. Whenever I see trees like this I wonder about all the people who have climbed it, sat under it or just stood in awe enjoying it!


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