Travel Theme:Flowers

Ailsa at Where’s my Back Pack  has chosen Flowers as this week’s Travel Theme.

I had always wanted to have a flower garden but circumstances didn’t allow for it.  When I moved to my current location, time and temperament aligned and I was given carte blanche by my husband to ‘fill my boot’s’.  So I dug and turned soil and culled rocks. I raked and hauled dirt and mulched and augmented the soil with peat and manures and I sweated in the hot summer sun.  And it was worth it.


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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme:Flowers

  1. It certainly was worth it, Lynne!

    And the love, care and toil you have put into your garden shines through in your photographs.

    Lovely, and thank you for linking to my interpretation of this week´s Travel Theme. 🙂


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