Sunday Post: Road

Jake’s Sunday Post challenge this week is Road.

Taken in the Andes on the main transport route through the mountains from Santiago Chile to Mendoza, Argentina.  We climbed the side of the mountain via this series of 29 switchbacks as we climbed to 10,000 feet, on our way to lunch – here at Hotel Portillo.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Road

  1. Wonderful photo, Lynne! Thanks for commenting on my Sunday post…I’m so happy to connect with you.l 🙂 We’ve lived in Colorado Springs for the last 16 years…and have gone up Pikes Peak (14,400 ft) by car and cog railroad. I’ve hiked up and down 8 miles (it’s about 10 to the top) and snowshoed up and down about 3 miles…so I can appreciate your experience. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


    1. I suppose it could have that effect … we were in an air conditioned van with space and comfort and lots of water on a hot day … and with a driver who knew the road.


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