100 word challenge

Julia’s prompt for the 100 word challenge this week is  …. the line was drawn …. here is my take

The line was drawn.  There was no margin for error; the sea’s horizon must be perfectly horizontal.  A grand leap of faith was needed to move me from the penciled line into the heart of the painting. I envisioned the role of the waves, a scene filled with light and salty air; with the soft swishing sound of shore grasses rippling in the breeze. My mission was to translate the vision and capture it on paper, translated through strokes of a brush. I grasped the brush dripping with water, and leapt, sweeping it boldly across the paper and beyond the point of no return.

Down the the Sea, watercolour by Lynne Ayers


6 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Beautiful writing. I like “the heart of the painting” and the description of the painting in terms of light, air and sound.
    Your lovely watercolour certainly makes good on it, too.

    Btw. If you place the 100wcgu icon at the top of the post, that’s what gets featured in the tag stream, rather than your painting which seems a pity.


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