Akin to Sellling my Children

I took part in a local art show recently – an annual show put on by the local Pioneer Museum with a percentage of sales going to support their activities.  These are the ones I had showing –

Sanctuary 3, Mont St-Michel, pen and watercolour in the pointillist style.  I found this ‘dotty’ piece very relaxing to do and am trying to find another photo that inspires me to use the same technique.

Alberta Coulee, watercolour and pen – one of the attendees sought me out to tell me how much she liked this one and asked if I would give her lessons.  Teaching isn’t really what I want to do – I don’t even know how I would go about it; since I learned on my own I don’t have a teaching mentor to emulate.  I was appreciative of her comments … but she didn’t purchase.  Ahh well.

Winter Afternoon, pastel.  I started out with one of my photos as reference but this took on a life of its own and looks nothing like the reference, at all.  I am still new to pastels so when an attendee told me how much she liked it and that she had thought it was by Holly, who, she said is the local queen of pastels, I was especially flattered … but she didn’t purchase.  That’s OK.

Blake Landscape, pastel.  This is where I used to live; the property on the right was ours – about 40 acres. This one sold.  It’s akin to selling one of your children but I am pleased that someone else found pleasure in what I had painted.


20 thoughts on “Akin to Sellling my Children

    1. Thank you, Heidi. When I first started painting it was very hard to let a painting go. HOWever, after having them pile up over the years, I’ve lost that attachment and am very happy when someone likes one enough to buy it. Feels good.


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