Travel Theme: Tradition

Ailsa at Where’s my Back Pack  has chosen Tradition as this week’s Travel Theme.

Water Sellers, or Guerrabs, in their traditional dress in the streets of Casablanca in Morocco.  For a small amount one can purchase water from their goat skins, poured into a metal cup.  This didn’t seem to be the most hygienic thing to do, to say nothing about risking Montezuma’s Revenge so it’s not surprising that today the water sellers accept the tourists’ dollars in return for photo opportunities of them in their brightly decorated attire.


15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Tradition

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to drink from someones goatskin. One time in Mexico we had a jet ski accident (long story) and Bugs and I had to go to the hospital. When they gave me a pain pill with a cup of water, I put the water to my lips and suddenly realized that I didn’t care if I was in a hospital, I didn’t want to drink the water. I set it down and took the bottle we had brought with us and the nurse just laughed at me. 🙂


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