Sunday Post: Collectibles (again)

Jake’s Sunday Post this week is collectibles.  Twelve years ago, while on a road trip, I stopped in at the musuem in Elkhorn, Iowa, (of all places) and found the cutest little fellow that started me down the road of collecting birds from my travels.

I like the plump, fluffy song birds … mostly, a few strays have found their way into the collection.  Click on any photo to enter the gallery.

I posted this earlier but had to delete because the gallery was giving me problems. Sorry.


31 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Collectibles (again)

  1. Beautiful birds! I have a “bird” tree in my house and it horrifies some people. I guess there’s an Irish superstition that birds should not be in the house or it is bad luck…hopefully you haven’t experienced that at all!


  2. Over the years I have collected many things. For awhile, clowns. More consistently cats. Now it’s time to thin out and reduce my clutter and things-that-need-dusting. Your birds are just lovely.


  3. Great collection! I was trying to figure out the difference between your photos and mine and I inserted the gallery rather than the slideshow. That might be the difference between the two. Hope that helps 🙂


    1. Thank you for the comment. I’m trying hard not to let the collection get out of hand. Jake’s Sunday Post prompted me to finally photograph them. I figure if the kids want a memento after I’m gone it would be nice if they knew something about each.


  4. The birds are adorable Lynne. I’ve seen folks collect frogs, cows, pigs, etc. but this is the first time I’m seeing such a great collection of birds, and they are so cute.


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