Leave well enough alone

win badgeWe were playing in the sandbox … we have a large yard, a half-acre lot, and at this time in the early 1950s it is without trees or landscaping.  At the back of the property, beyond the barbed wire fence, are farmer’s fields that are destined to be a housing tract but right now, the cows are grazing freely.   Daddy built a sandbox for us. It’s probably about three or four feet square, with triangular seats on the corners, painted the same maroon as the clapboards of our house, and it is placed so that Mummy can watch us playing from the kitchen window.

Yesterday, Deborah, who is my very best friend, and I played happily and quietly in the sand. At least I thought so but Mummy was watching from the window and she saw Debby taking the toys from me.  To Mummy it seemed that whatever I played with, Debby wanted.  Me, I’m pretty easy-going and would rather play than confront.   But Mummy decided to give me my first lesson in assertiveness today, and she told me I shouldn’t let Debby do that.   Now Mummy is overseeing us from the kitchen window … watching us fighting over the toys in the sandbox.  She’s thinking, no doubt, that she should have left well enough alone.

In the pool – that’s me doing the splashing …

12 thoughts on “Leave well enough alone

    1. That’s so unfortunate. Photos are such a link to the past. Writing about the memories you have could help to fill the gap. It’s surprising what surfaces – little snippets – when we let our minds wander back.


  1. Funny I remember it slightly differently…not really; it is lost in the sands of time. I’m glad you included the pic though; my face says it all. How would your Mum have interpreted that action? I think there was a fair balance of domination within our relationship as we navigated our growing up years. I’m glad in some ways that my memory isn’t that good!


    1. I thought I’d hear from you on this one – we’ve obviously fine-tuned the rhythm and balance of our relationship – friendships don’t last through the decades (not saying how many) if they aren’t working for both parties. You took my toys – I splashed you – see, it all works. 🙂


  2. It’s hard for moms to watch their child being taken advantage of. Yet, you were probably much happier before she intervened. Do you remember, did Debby stop being so pushy after that?


    1. As a mother it is VERY hard to watch our child face any of life’s knocks and, of course, that never goes away – once a mother, always a mother. As to the friendship, it stayed strong, and still is, so I guess she and I worked things out mutually beneficially. 🙂


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