Sunday Post: Valuable

Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Valuable. The value of something, be it object, or ideal, monetary or spiritual, is wholly subjective.  I expect there will be many and varied interpretations to this week’s Post.   I wrote this almost 30 years ago and I thought it suited, the ‘riches’ to be interpreted by each of us, subjectively.  Photo is of a sunset viewed from my own backyard.

I live with the light,
Where colours sparkle
and shine in the sun,
And I reach out now
and touch it in the night.

I hold it in my hand
and see it change with the light
And I know I hold more riches
than ever I’d hoped to be found.

I am now
with no walls to halt or hinder
And so I reach out in the night
and touch it.

Other interpretations:
Northern Narratives
Lost in Translation
Flying south
David R Wetzel



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