100 Word Challenge #47

Julia has given us a photo as the prompt for Challenge #47.  Not so easy, I find.  However, my fingers ran off at the mouth, so to speak, and I ended up with 403 words.  So this became a challenge in editing, while trying to preserve the essence.  This is my result –


A bell heralded her entry just as the dormouse slid from the spout landing between the callowary and the jars of persqueekons. The King doffed his crown in greeting.

“Fifty dollars,” she said, waving the bill.

“Oh my yes”, he said placing a grey stone in her palm.

“No, you don’t owe me.”

“Of course he owes you, dear, oh my, yes,” squeaked Dormouse.

Her fingers curled around the stone and the bell tinkled her departure.

“Strange looking place.”

“Yes, a bit eccentric.  But quite unremarkable inside,” she responded as she fingered the stone which grew warm in her hand.

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