Quotes from the Masters: Fellini

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet … maybe we could understand something.”

Robin over at Bringing Europe Home hosts Quotes from the Masters and this week’s quote is by Frederico Fellini.  This particular morning I was in a catamaran on the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of South America. The visual and aural splendour of this scene left me breathless.  The beauty was so clean and pure and the silence so profound it sang a song of its own.  I live in the country and I can walk out my door and in the deep dark of night see a starlit sky not visible to those who live in the city, and I can listen to the song of silence that city dwellers never hear.  But out on the Beagle Channel that morning the song of silence was purer and sweeter than any I have heard before or since.

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