Sunday Post: Village

Verrucole 85This photo was taken from the Fortezza delle Verrucole, part of which is seen here in the foreground.  The village on the left is Vibbiana, and to the right is Verrucole. This teeny tiny Tuscan town has a population of 50.  We rented a house here for two delightful weeks in October.  This was the view from our bedroom window – click to enlarge:

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Village

    1. It’s fairly remote and although we did see one tour bus pass through it’s pretty much off the beaten path, which of course, at least in my opinion, adds to its charm. 🙂


    1. The Tuscan hills made it difficult to get to some of the places ‘down on the plains’ that we had hoped to visit but they were indeed beautiful. It took some time to drive down the mountains on the circuituous, switch back roads, using up a good chunk of the day, considering we needed to reverse it at the end of the day and doing it in the dark wasn’t something B really wanted to do. But we adapted and took drives within the mountains and had happy happenstance discoveries.


  1. Ohhh my – another place I would like to visit! I could do with just hot water since there was a fireplace, but the towels and the ability to prepare real food would be a problem. I am happy it was righted and I am happy I got to share your visit.


    1. Ohh good, you clicked the link. Everythng got righted in the end – I can’t remember what the problem was with the stove but it was user ignorance so we were able to cook up some fine suppers and prep numerous boot lunches in the large kitchen.


    1. I don’t recall seeing any children … I’d guess they were more like a large family. Surely everybody would know everything and they would support each other because without a vehicle it was pretty isolated, and there weren’t a lot of vehicles parked outside the village. No vehicles could get into the ‘town’ – it was only 3 streets, 3 narrow, cobbled streets, more like lanes.


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