Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I am an artist, who has been at her blog post more often that her art studio lately, but, nonetheless an artist.   Yet when I saw this week’s challenge,”create” my first thought was, “ohhh, I don’t know if I can come up with something for that”.  I didn’t see “create”.  I saw “CREATE!!”, and the concept of creativity has always scared me.  When I speak the word ‘artist’,  it lacks conviction. Both words apply pressure and I immediately seize.  Having gotten past the moment, I thought I’d share my watercolours.

The painting above, Spirits of the Wood, was the first painting I sold.  So it holds a special spot.

Three Boats, Mevagissey
When I started painting, one element of design in particular mystified me:  composition.  What makes a good composition?  I have become more comfortable over time and this painting was a leap for me.  I liked the composition; to me it worked.  I later learned that this L-shape is a compositional arrangement that masters agree works.  So, Yay! I was getting it. I was also pleased with the water in this painting.

Reed Reflections
This painting was created out of an “I wonder what it would look like if…” moment.  I had worked on several marsh scenes which encompassed the whole landscape, and then wondered if a close-up composition would be better.  I used a brush for the water and a knife for the reeds.  This painting sent me down a path I still keep coming back too, not always successfully, but I am drawn to the subject.

Stream in the Thicket, Tintagel
This is one of the first ones that I used pen along with watercolours – I’m pleased with this one.

I use my own photographs as references.  To see more of my paintings, click here.

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. Lynne I love your work. That painting of the trees is my favourite, firstly it is simply beautiful, and secondly, I love trees and these are such lovely ones! I am in awe 🙂


    1. I don’t have a physical brick and mortar gallery, no. I take part in the odd show locally but I am so bad at self promotion … if I depended on my art for income I’d definitely be of the starving artist variety.


  2. Oh Lynne, these are beautiful! You are an artist, you are, and these embody the heart of create in my opinion. I have tried painting with watercolors and oils. I try, but I do better with the camera, since it captures what I can only dream of creating.


  3. You are a terrific artist Lynne, it must have been hard to part with Spirits of the Wood! I totally identify with what you say about saying that you are an artist – I have a dreadful time say that I am a writer.


  4. Wow. Wow. Wow and Wow. I love them all but I especially LOVE the misty dreaminess of the woods – beautifully delicate. The boats are fantastic – such great solidity contrasted with the fluidity and the scattered reflection of the pier is gorgeous. Awesome work Lynne.


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