Travel Theme: Secret Place

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is Secret Place.

The bay of Tolon was first written about by Homer so it’s not much of a secret but at the time it felt like our own private slice of heaven.This was taken in 1973 – we had been camping through central Europe in the cool and damp for over a month when we arrived in Greece with its welcoming sun, heat and scenic beauty .  The latter half of our stay took us to the Peloponnese where we stumbled upon Tolon.  We had this cove all to ourselves.

Today Tolon is no longer a simple fishing village, no longer hidden or secret but has become a popular tourist haven.

Photo courtesy Hidden Greece

I still think of it as our private, idyllic cove in paradise.

Click here for map showing location of Tolon.


13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Secret Place

  1. Those undiscovered secret places are heaven, but they seem to lose some of the appeal with time and discovery. Sadness then, but great happiness that you found them first.


    1. No, we haven’t been back to Tolon – the last photo was off the internet. However, After 30 years I returned to a couple of other places. Deja vu in real life. As I stood in front of Michealangelo’s Pieta in the St-Peter’s I realized that a life time had passed since I had last stood there. Then I had been a new bride, now I was a grandmother. It was a poignant moment.


  2. Oh wow, Lynne! Yes, yes, yes … places like your Tolon that were so off the beaten path that we basked and frolicked like the porpoises. I’ve been getting the feeling lately there are fewer and fewer of them left, so Ailsa’s quest becomes quite serious!


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