Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

My three daughters grew up in fairly typical sisterly fashion, that is there was a time when they could barely stand to be in the same house together, let alone the same room.  This photo of two of them does my heart good and makes me proud.

My father would often ask me if I had talked to my sister recently; he didn’t want us to lose each other – and we haven’t – she and her husband are our travel buddies.  But as my girls grew and spread across the country I heard my father’s words coming out of my own mouth.  I am so pleased that the three of them talk regularly and look forward to seeing each other and even plan vacation time to make it happen.  This photo was taken looking at one of the coulees in Medicine Hat in Alberta.

Other interpretations:
Click click shutterbug
Lucid Gypsy
images by madelaine cappuccio
the other courteny
Mike Hardisty




25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. If I recall mum this was at the same time that we were trying to take a picture and you were in our frame . . .


  2. That’s very sweet. I hope my kids will be close with eachother as they grow up. We tell them all the time that they’re not only brother and sister, but friends, and they need to treat eachother kindly. So far so good, three years down, a lifetime to go.


  3. I have three girls too. I wish I could show you a recent photo of two of them at an outdoor concert. It is exactly like the one you posted. The two girls in question HATED each other in high school. Now, they live together in Vail, CO and LOVE every minute together. Did I do something right?


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