100 Word Challenge Week #45

Julia’s 100 word challenge – the phrase Julia has dropped on us this week is:  “There is a real buzz about this place”.  Here’s my piece –

First, the rumours started.  It was bad enough that people didn’t get along; bad enough that the ‘we’ / ‘they’ factions had been battling for years.  Now, rumours buzzed from one dissatisfied colleague to another.  Reorganizing.  Downsizing. Outsourcing. Pay cuts. Lay-offs. Wage freeze.  Another weight had been tied to the anchor that pulled her inexorably down. She woke each morning determined to plod ahead – “this too shall pass”, a whispered mantra to help her through the day.  And each evening sleep eluded her as tears of fear, of loss, of regret puddled on her pillow. – 92 words

9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #45

  1. Beautifully written, I too liked the ‘puddled on pillows’ phrase, You managed to catch that uncertainty and dread of an organisation under strain and the toll it takes on the individuals involved. Well done!


  2. I love ‘ puddled on her pillow’. How I recognise that. You have taken a positive phrase & cleverly turned it on its head. Many thanks for sharing!


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