Travel Theme: Oceans

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Oceans, in recognition of World Oceans Day.  The ocean’s have sustained disasters of epic proportions in the last decades …we need to support our governments as they continue to battle it out to protect our oceans’ resources from dumping, spilling and over-fishing.  These photos were taken in the waters at the tip of South America where the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern oceans begin to mix and mingle.  Technically, I believe the Southern Ocean begins at 60 degrees latitude – these photos were at approximately 55 degrees off the east coast of South America making it the South Atlantic.

This region is said to have the strongest average winds found anywhere on earth because there is less landmass to slow them down. See also my post Below 40 there is no Law



8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Oceans

    1. My pleasure – I really enjoyed that experience. As I looked out to the surrounding ocean I felt real dread at the thought of being lost out there. It is so vast, so unforgiving and so relentless.


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