Sunday Post: Water

One of the properties of water is reflection.

This is Lago di Vagli in Tuscany.   The construction of a dam in 1953  flooded the village of Fabbriche di Careggine and created this lake.  The old village under the water becomes reachable when the basin is emptied for maintenance.  At low levels, the church tower can just be seen sticking out of the water as shown in these photos from Casa Tuscany







Other interpretations:

A busy Mom
David Wetzel Photography

21 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Water

  1. And in Oz with Lake Eucombine, here in Sri Lanka, with Lake Victoria, Aswan High Dam, … – the world is littered with submerged villages, many of which emerge like wraiths after sustained periods of drought. In Oz I remember they led an expedition through so people could revisit their homes and community. So sad!


      1. Well, I suppose, mathematically, philosophically, the good of the very many over the many, across the generations pips centuries or (what are thousands called?) of continuity, and tradition. I just wish we appreciated their sacrifices a little more, and concerned this precious resource!


    1. Definitely something melancholy about the drowning of a village. There are similar villages close to home as well, submerged with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 50s.


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