Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

This girl and I  played in the sandbox together, we shared our shovels and we fought over toys; we ran through the sprinkler with squeals of delight in one backyard or the other …we scraped knees and butted heads sometimes but we also shared secrets and giggled under the bed covers …

we learned our colours and numbers side-by-each and then we went off hand-in-hand to our grade one class …

we lay on the grass and made pictures out of clouds and promised we would be each other’s bridesmaid and that one day we would take our children to Disneyland …

we had hula hoop contests and we learned all the skipping songs together …

We had sleep-overs and birthday parties and we had spats and disagreements, but one thing we didn’t do was share each other’s clothes.  This was because she was shorter and I was taller, and she still is and I still am and the gap was just way too much to ever afford the sharing of clothes …

We had our first boyfriends at the same time and she was the first to know that I had received my first kiss …

Then one summer day she climbed the stairs to my room and told me that she was moving and we sat on the bed together and cried …

I graduated high school and went to work  and she went on to University.  We both moved around a lot – the gaps may have been long between visits but there were lots of letters …

After many years we made it back to the same corner of the province and we began monthly lunches together …

She was my bridesmaid, and I was hers; she is “auntie” to my girls; I am Godmother to her son, and we did take our children to Disneyland but not together.  She was there when my parents passed on, and I was at her mother’s 95th birthday party.  Our friendship has sometimes been very tight, and at other times very loose, the strand that weaves in and out sometimes only a thread, other times a life line. Through all these years we have listened to each other’s trials, dispensed advice, traded wisdom’s, spoken of our worries and fears, shared dreams, created memories, confided secrets, expressed hopes, given solace, laughed and cried.  And on every birthday we know we will hear from the other.

Three years ago we celebrated the decades of our friendship – we went to Wales, just us, friends for life.

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. What a lucky pair you are – and you know it, which is even lovelier in my book. Love the fact you went together to Wales – did that come out of left field or was it always Disneyland with the kids, Wales for us? 🙂


    1. No that came out of left field, a lot of hemming and hawing involved – I’ve chronicled it on my blog – if you want to check it out click on
      Wales in the tag cloud …


      1. And what a time of it you had too:) Beautiful posts with such vivid scenery at every turn – no wonder you couldn’t keep to the main track! (I know what you mean, Mo and I do it all the time.)


  2. To my sister by another mother – Thanks for the wonderful summary of our beautiful friendship – now if only you had NOT told my brother-in-law our age, I might be your friend still…..


    1. But I was very careful here … if you are referring to that time at the War Museum, they tricked me! Who knew it was such a quest with them! My humblest apologies on that one.


      1. Yes it was the Was Museum fiasco – but now he insists I must be 66 so somewhere along the line he has added years on…..plus he loves t bring it up whenever we are in a large group of family or friends! He is somewhat of an A…!
        Apology accepted (with a pout!).


    1. Thanks, Naomi. It’s comforting having a friend you’ve known your entire life – there’s nothing to hide, they know all your foibles and quirks, mistakes and triumphs.


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